• Intake Forms
  • Flexible Charting Templates
  • Physiotec Integration
  • Collaboration
  • Security & Confidentiality
Different parts of a patient's GOrendezvous file on two ipads
The phone screen of a client filling out an intake form

Intake Forms

  • Intake form filled by your clients online prior to the appointment
  • Centralized information in the client's file
  • Secure file uploads by both the client and the professional

Flexible charting templates

  • Get started quickly with existing templates in the collective library
  • Easily create your own charting templates with the fields of your choice
  • Add photos, images, X-rays, and PDF documents to your clients’ files
A view of GOrendezvous' charting template library, which has templates for a variety of professionals
Wibbi logo

Wibbi integration

  • Easily switch from GOrendezvous to Wibbi
  • Directly access the programs' history

Compliant with your profession's standards

  • Complete and sign your files
  • Track all changes made to a client’s file
  • Data is centralized and stored securely in Canada
A section of notes displaying the date and time of their creation/edition and their history
An employee's secure file sharing settings

File sharing

  • Share a file with specific colleagues, in reading or editing mode

Search, filter and export

From your favorite summary view to filtering by tags, find the information you are looking for in a few clicks

Security & privacy

At GOrendezvous, security and confidentiality are a priority

  • Complies to
    • PIPEDA (Canada)
    • PHIPA (Ontario)
    • LPRPSP (Quebec)
    • Bill 25 (Quebec)
  • All data is end-to-end encrypted, from transport to storage
A GIF of a pro using the quick-type feature to write notes in seconds

Fast writing

Complete your forms in less time

  • Predictive writing
  • Shortcut keys
  • Quick entries
  • Lexicon by domain
  • Annotable images and diagrams
  • Electronic signature

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the management of electronic charting follow the standards?

Yes, we follow the standards and the best practices of the industry for information storage. All of the sensitive data provided is encrypted.

Are my clients’ names posted on my schedule online and visible to everyone?

No, not at all. Only your online availabilities will be posted online.

Can I use the electronic charting without offering online booking?

Yes. If you are not ready to offer online booking, you can simply deactivate this option and still take advantage of the other features GOrendezvous has to offer.

Can my client share images, X-rays or files with me?

Yes, your client is able to share files with you directly from their intake form, in a secure way. All documents are checked by an anti-virus, then centralized in their client file.